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Live Sugar

An embrace of smooth, golden terpenes and teams of tiny delectable THC crystals.


Known for its uniquely dry texture which crumbles when handled.


While THCa is non-psychoactive, both THCa and THC express their own unique medicinal properties.
live resin

Live Resin

Live Resin is a cannabis extract derived from fresh frozen cannabis flower, that has not been subject to traditional harvesting and curing methods.

Live Badder

Micro-crystals whipped with terpenes for a fluffy, light texture resembling a cake-batter like frosting.

Live Nectar (Diamond)

Nectars are the purest and most stable form of THC crystallization, known for their clarity and accurate dosing (due to purity). Our nectars are naturally grown.

Origin Extracts are the FIRST and ONLY producers of Live Pax Pods in the ENTIRE state of Oklahoma.

About Us

As a proudly Oklahoman-owned company, our mission at Origin Extracts is to keep our terpene and cannabinoid profiles as close to their “origin”- The original profile of the plant before degradation occurs- as possible. Cannabinoids and terpenes degrade over time naturally and through post-harvest mishandling. Our team works hard to develop techniques that preserve the natural profiles of each strain delivering the most authentic, consistent, and healthy experience to our patients.